Toddler Sleep Magic 1-2-3


A 3-hour in-home consultation can be very useful for those challenging bedtime issues that often arise out of nowhere. Your toddler may have been amazing sleeper as a baby but unfortunately that doesn’t make you immune to toddler sleep problems.

Having Karen look at your bedtime routine and day naps can be a game changer. The toddler is an expert at delay tactics and creating chaos at bedtime. They can jump out of bed 50 times just because they are 2 and they can. Karen has been helping parents with toddler sleep problems for over 19 years and her expertise has taken the stress out of parenting and made bedtime enjoyable once more.

Karen is available weekdays and weekends to help your family. Help is only a click away.
The cost for Toddler Sleep Magic 1-2-3 is $600 for a 3-hour consult.


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