Registered midwife, child and family nurse, registered baby sleep consultant, published parenting author.
Through my proven holistic approach,
I can help your baby sleep



Registered midwife, child and family nurse, registered baby sleep consultant, published parenting author.  Through my proven holistic approach, I can help your baby sleep!


Baby & Toddler Sleep Consultant

Baby not sleeping? Can you imagine waking up after 11 hours of uninterrupted blissful sleep? I have the solution to your baby sleep problems. My exclusive baby sleep methods tried and tested, have brought blissful sleep to babies and children everywhere, and given parents back their confidence.
I have been a Registered Midwife for 29 years and for 19 of those years, I’ve been teaching baby sleep as a Child & Family Health Nurse/Baby Whisperer.

We deliver:

Baby Sleep Help

Nurture Parenting’s exclusive methods for baby sleep, tried and tested over 19 years, have brought peace and a good nights sleep to families just like yours.

We deliver:

Post Natal Support

Feeling alone and unsure of how to deal with your newborn baby? Our Post-Natal Support Services are here to help.

We deliver:

Toddler behaviour support

I can help you communicate with your toddler to avoid family conflict, supporting and empowering you to regain a sense of control.

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We were absolutely broken and wrecked until Karen completely turned our life, health and well being around – most importantly she changed our baby’s life too!  We enlisted Karen when our bub was 12 months old, my only regret is that we didn’t seek her help sooner


Karen had my daughter sleeping through on night 1 and self-settling without controlled crying. I am pleased to announce now back in NZ her amazing sleep has continued she has not had one night feed and if she wakes in the night has been putting herself back to sleep within a couple of minutes.

Alannah and Harper, 6 months

Her ability to recognise a baby’s protest from a serious need is what I believe is her magic touch. Karen’s approachable and non judgemental interactions have always left me with so much more confidence and enjoyment from my child.

Stella & Valentino 6 weeks

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