Meet Our Happy Families

Nurture Parenting has many happy families who have babies who now sleep like a dream. These parents have sent in these lovely success stories to help you believe there is hope and that your sleep problem can be helped too.

They too were just like you once…sleepless nights…parenting confidence battered…feeling broken…and look at them now…peaceful families with sleeping babies and children.

All you need to do is contact Karen and your life can be amazing too.

Katrina, Tom & Nicholas 9 months

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Karen changed our lives. My 9 month old baby boy was waking an average of 5 times a night and I was feeding him back to sleep each time. The months and months of broken sleep had taken a massive physical and emotional toll. In one...

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Laura & Matilda 20 months

Matilda had been bed-sharing/co-sleeping with her mummy, Laura for the whole 20 months. She had never been in a cot ever and was still breast feeding 5 times a night. Laura was returning back to work in a month so was desperate to help Matilda learn to sleep...

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Emma, Carl & Duke 2 years old

Duke had been waking up many times at night and one night he woke 17 times ????it really was an OMG moment. I just had to go and help this lovely family. He’d also recently moved house and had been on his holidays to several locations in Australia. His parents in...

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Arti & Siya 3 months

Karen is an absolute gem. When you get Karen you get MUCH MUCH MORE than just a sleep training expert. Karen’s advice is comprehensive and covers important areas such as baby massage, feeding and transitioning to solids, flexible routines transitioning to set...

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Trish & Zac 10 months

I was convinced Karen would tell me there was nothing she could do to help us with Zac’s sleeping. I felt like we’d tried everything. I was driving him to sleep in the car for his daytime naps and waking 6 times a night to resettle (with a feed if all else failed.) I...

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Kata & Emily-Rose 18 months

Karen, I’m sure you receive thousands of thank you e-mails, but I still would like to express our appreciation. We are ever so grateful for all your help, and your advice made a huge impact on our family. When we contacted you we had a toddler who didn’t wanna nap and...

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Travis, Olga & Olivia 20 months

We were co-sleeping with Olivia since she was 6 months old. We had just finished building our house and Olivia was sleeping in our room where we were staying during construction. Also, she got sick and the only way she fell asleep was in our arms, since then she has...

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Amanda & Magdalena 6 months

You know when you hear those happy success stories of babies sleeping through the night and you roll your eyes because you know that in your world that can only be a fairy tale...MIND BLOWN...BOOM!! WE DID IT!!  No more waking every hour, every night & day naps...

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