So many parents accept poor quality sleep for their children and they think that nothing can be done.

I’m a big believer that a lot can be done and I never give up on any case, no matter how hard. Ellen and me have been in touch working on Owen’s sleep for quite some time and it has paid off.

This story is why, as a parent, you should never give up on mastering a good nights sleep for your children.

Hi Karen!

I’d pretty much given up hope on ever sleeping again, but I’ve got incredible news! OT has slept from 8pm – 6am three nights in a row! By night two we were seeing improvements. And within a week he wasn’t waking at night at all.
It’s been a very, very long 2.5 years. Even a month ago he was (literally!) waking as often as my friend’s newborn. And was often awake and yelling for up to an hour every time he woke.
Your patient and empathic advice really turned things around for our family. Without your support I have no doubt that we’d still be in the same awful situation.
I’ve always been very worried about traditional sleep training methods. And I was really reassured by your thorough knowledge of child (and parent!) psychology.
Thank you so much, I’ll recommend you to any parent who crosses my path!
Ellen x