Frequently Asked Questions

What age group of children do you help?

I help newborn babies to 5 years old. I’m a Registered Midwife & Child & Family health Nurse with a degree in Psychology, so I can quite comfortably navigate pregnancy to childhood. Find out more about Nurture Parenting.

How do I know which is the right service for my child?

Choice can come with its own dilemmas…choosing what is right for you. Contact us by email or phone if you need to talk it through. I’m more than happy to help and guide you.

Will I get help from Karen?

More often than not – yes you will. If I’m inundated with home consults, then my phone consults and emails are taken care of by Sally – my right hand woman. Sally is amazing and knows as much as me. We’ve worked together for many years. Meet the rest of our team.

Do you use controlled crying/cry it out?

No I don’t. I use my own specific methods, very kind and based in attachment psychology. Cuddles are most definitely allowed. Infant mental health is paramount in my sleep support for babies. We can discuss this and make sure your are comfortable, before you make your booking. Click here to get in touch.

How do your services differ from Tresillian or Karitane (sleep school)?

There are lots of differences between myself and Karitane/Tresillian.

My methods are my own unique sleep training methods fine tuned over 17 years of helping parents in their homes with baby and toddler sleep problems. I’m a UK trained Health Visitor and in the UK I was taught sleep and settling strategies by child psychologists.

I do not do Controlled Crying. My techniques are approved by my many child psychologist clients as well as Dr. Howard Chilton and many paediatricians and Drs.

I provide services ranging from Skype to overnight stays in the clients own home and I travel all over NSW, ACT etc. and do Skype and phone consults globally.

I help parents with postnatal help, sleep and feeding issues with newborn/young babies as I’m a Registered Midwife.

And I also help parents with toddler/child sleep problems up until 5 years old.

I’m also trained and qualified in child behaviour strategies.

I provide extensive follow up depending on the service – from email, SMS, phone calls up to 4 weeks from the date of service.

I’m also a provider with many of the private health funds as I’m a Registered Nurse and Midwife.

I am a Community Specialist Practitioner/Health Visiting – I used to be a caseload manager of 350 families in the UK – it is a higher qualification than a Child and Family Health Nurse.

I also have a free blog of over 400 medical blogposts and 50 YouTube parenting/sleep videos that all my parents can access as well as being a published parenting author.

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What follow up is included in your home consults?

I follow up by phone, SMS and email until you’re happy with the results. I think it’s really important to feel supported through the process, until satisfied. Click here to find our about our services. 

A Baby Sleep Magic 1-2-3  or Toddler Sleep Magic 1-2-3 (3 hour) home consult includes phone, sms and email support for 2 weeks from the date of your consult. A Baby Sleep Magic or Toddler Sleep Magic (Overnight Stay) includes 4 weeks of phone, sms and email support from the date of your visit. A Phone or Skype consult has the option of 2 emails as follow up. 

How far do you travel for your home consults?

I will travel anywhere in Australia or around the world to help you. I do travel interstate to help families. Travel of 25KM from Sydney CBD is included in the consultation investment. For longer distances, there may be an extra time and travel cost, contact us to get a full price. 

Where do you sleep on your overnight home consults?

This is something that a lot of parents wonder about. I’m happy to couch surf, spare bed or mattress on the floor. I’m not a Princess, so as long as I’m warm in winter it keeps me happy! So a doona, blanket and pillow are always appreciated. There have been some nights where I’ve not had chance to greet my bed and that’s the nature of my work. I’m there to help you with your baby’s sleep, not my own!

How do I book a consult and how do I pay for your visit?

With this new website you can fix up the investment via an easy button click, by credit card or straight through to PayPal. If you’re not comfortable with internet banking that’s all OK too. I can arrange settlement via email and bank transfer. Too easy. To book a visit you can either call us on 1800 281966 or email us at

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Do you eat with us during an overnight stay?

This is something I’m happy to do. Eating with the baby/child and family helps model good eating behaviours and helps the baby/child see that I’m welcome into the family. Again I’m not expecting gourmet food and I’m not here to judge your cooking! I’m dairy intolerant so no cow’s milk but I can tolerate a small amount of cheese, I don’t like celery and I’m allergic to kiwi fruit and my portion sizes are smallish. We’ve all got our quirks, now you know mine! I’m partial to a black tea – Bushells, English Breakfast or Earl Grey, but I’m a no alcohol girl when on duty.

Health Fund Rebates

Nurture Parenting is a Provider with several of the Health Funds – Bupa, nib, Australian Unity, CBHE (Commonwealth Bank Health Employees), Teachers Health, ADF, Frank and others. You need to check with your health fund regarding your level of cover. This service is often classed as antenatal, postnatal and lactation services. Karen and her team are registered midwives and nurses and as such can get health rebates from the above health funds for clients.

Terms and Condition's for booking overnight consultations
  • When booking a 2 night overnight consultation the first night will need to be paid at the time of booking to secure the booking.
  • When booking a 3 night consultation, 2 nights need to be paid for at the time of booking to secure the booking.
  • If cancellation occurs less than 48 hours to appointment date only 50% refund is given. If cancellation notice is given more than 48 hours in advance then 100% refund is given.
  • A one night overnight consultation that gets rescheduled, for whatever reason, would need to be paid upfront to rebook and be confirmed.