We were broken and wrecked until Karen turned our life around

We were broken and wrecked until Karen turned our life around

We were absolutely broken and wrecked until Karen completely turned our life, health and well being around – most importantly she changed our baby’s life too!!!

We enlisted Karen when our bub was 12 months old, my only regret is that we didn’t seek her help sooner.

He was a very fussy eater, cat napper during the day and got to the point of waking every hour most nights. I was breastfeeding him and ready to stop – Karen helped with that transition too. Karen’s wonderful EA Lisa was so kind and nurturing throughout the booking process, in fact, the detailed
questionnaire helped prompt me to make a few changes in the weeks leading up to Karen’s visit (we chose the overnight stay) so the impact on our baby was very positive.

Our baby was mostly happy – but became even happier after he started getting a full night’s sleep. All of a sudden, he didn’t fight to get in the car when it wasn’t sleep time, he was so content going for long walks in his pram (and would stay awake!!) and his gross motor skills became fine tuned soon after. The best thing about it all was that his appetite increased and Karen’s tips helped us introduce him to a variety of foods and food groups.

Everything Karen predicted came true!! We couldn’t believe it. She really is the baby whisperer. Karen has so much credibility from her extensive and passionate career, but we also just loved her and her energy. We were so comfortable having Karen in our home and will be enlisting her MUCH sooner with baby number 2.

Thank you Karen, we talk about you all the time and when people comment on what a wonderful sleeper our baby is – all credit rightly goes to you.

Lauren and baby Vincenzo

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Eylem & Ava, 6 months

Eylem & Ava, 6 months

We have a gorgeous daughter Ava. Up until 5-6 months she was an ok sleeper, with a dummy or breastfeed generally able to soothe her back to sleep after waking up during the night…but all of a sudden something changed!

Ava was refusing the dummy and my fail safe solution (breastfeeding during the night) stopped working. Ava was waking nearly every 2 hours during the night and we just couldn’t get her back to sleep. At one point my husband and I were having to camp out in her bedroom taking turns lying next to her cot so she would go back to sleep.

The lack of sleep meant the whole family was cranky and exhausted. We knew that something had to change and we needed some help. My sister recommended Karen. We spent half a day with her and she talked us though Ava’s routine and teaching her how to get herself to sleep. I liked that she provided a holistic solution – looking at Maya’s diet, play and sleep routine. I must say it wasn’t easy and Ava was not happy with the initial change in approach!

There were many frantic phone calls to Karen seeking encouragement and feedback and she was always there to help and provide guidance and support. The hard work paid off – Ava now loves her sleep, is a much happier baby and mum and dad are getting some well earned rest – we can’t thank Karen enough and I would definitely recommend her.

Charmaine & Angus 8 months

Charmaine & Angus 8 months

When I was expecting Baby #3, I promised myself I would NOT fall into the rocking habit (as with baby #2) and end up, for a second time at Tresillian. (Who, for the record are wonderful and do wonderful work!)

But it didn’t take long for rocking Angus to sleep to become a quick and easy habit. To begin with it worked a treat and gave me time with the other two kids. But it didn’t take long before the nights to become very unsettled and soon Angus was waking every hour to be rocked back to sleep. Sometimes it took and hour to get him back to sleep.

I was utterly exhausted. I would cry all through the nights. The days, I just plodded through, dreading the night to come. While I was struggling alone, I thought I was hiding it pretty well. It wasn’t until during a bit of an argument with my partner he said that we were all suffering, kids included. I knew I had to do something and ask someone for help but I just couldn’t bring myself to do so. I’m not sure why.

I tried (and failed!) many different ‘tips’ and one was using white noise in the bedroom. I tuned into 2UE, little did I know what a saving grace that station choice would be! One fateful evening, in an attempt to rock Angus off sleep I heard Karen on the radio talking about her gentle approach to settle babies. It sounded great! So I sent my email off to Karen that week and it wasn’t long before we scheduled our phone call.

I was feeling like a total failure as a mum and I was actually really embarrassed that I had got myself into such sleep time mess with my third baby. But not once did Karen make me feel that way! She was kind, sympathetic and very understanding. Karen’s approach to getting Angus back on track felt so caring, I loved the fact I wasn’t required to leave him alone and was even encouraged to cuddle my little man! After our chat I finally felt I had a game plan! (After reading numerous methods online that I couldn’t bring myself to put into action.) I picked my starting date, and feeling that I had the support I needed, I said good bye to rocking Angus to sleep.

We had the odd set back with colds and coughs thrown in the mix but with the support I had from Karen it didn’t take long to get things back on track.

It was so amazing to watch Angus suddenly become this happy little baby boy, who loved his meals and slept! To have time once again in the evenings to spend with my other children and my partner is wonderful. My mummy guilt has definitely lifted! I can never thank Karen (and 2UE!) enough for her guidance and support.

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Baby boys and sleep problems

What is involved in my sleep methods?

Baby Sleep Training – Joseph 5 months

It's difficult not to be moved when Jack opens this video with a most heart wrenching message. Joseph was 5 months old and had never slept more than an hour in the day or night. His parents were very sleep deprived and desperate for help. Concerned for his wife as much as for his child's welfare, this video will give you both a father's and mother's perspective on how Nurture Parenting can help.

Posted by Nurture Parenting on Thursday, September 15, 2016

Jo & Zara 8 months

Jo & Zara 8 months

Karen you may be known as the baby whisperer but I like to think of you as The Sleep Angel <3

Thank you so much for all of your help getting our Zara (6.5month old) who was waking 2-3 times a night and feeding now sleeping through the night…within a week.

Your tips and tricks are invaluable to any family with a baby…. You were so nurturing not only with her but also with me too, your knowledge is amazing and considering she is my 3rd baby I’ve learnt so much from you… And you’ve been a constant source of support since!!! Thank you again Zara thanks you too XX

Stella & Valentino 6 weeks

Stella & Valentino 6 weeks

Karen’s approach is confident and extremely knowledgeable.
Her ability to recognise a baby’s protest from a serious need is, what I believe, is her magic touch.
Karen’s approachable and non-judgemental interactions have always left me the mother with so much more confidence and enjoyment from my child.
She is one of a kind and an extremely gifted lady.
I feel so relieved that our paths have crossed and I can’t recommend her enough.
Keep up the amazing work xxxxx